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Frank Hood, 1959

Frank Hood (? – ?) joined Tektronix in February of 1949 as employee #32 and stayed with the company for 22 years.

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Tektronix products

  • designed 103 Time Mark Generator
  • designed 511B variant of 511
  • project engineer on 513
  • project engineer on 315
  • project engineer on 310
  • ...

Products by Frank Hood

Model Class Description Designers Introduced
103 Pulse generator time mark generator Frank Hood (?)
511 Oscilloscope 10 MHz Tube scope
First Tektronix oscilloscope
Frank Hood Logan Belleville Howard Vollum 1947
513 Oscilloscope 18 MHz scope Frank Hood 1950
315 Oscilloscope "Portable" tube scope Frank Hood Dick Ropiequet John Kobbe Ted Goodfellow Jim Morrow 1952
310 Oscilloscope 4 MHz oscilloscope Frank Hood John Kobbe 1955

Components by Frank Hood

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Patents by Frank Hood

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Hood was instrumental in producing many educational and information films for Tektronix, earning him the nickname Cecil B. DeHood within the company.