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Jerrold J. Rogers (? – ?)

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Documents Authored by Jerrold Rogers

Document Page Class Title Author(s) Year Refers to
Tekscope 1969 V1 N1 Feb 1969.pdf 3 Article A New Dimension in Curve Tracing Jim Knapton Jerrold Rogers 1969 576

Products by Jerrold Rogers

Components by Jerrold Rogers

Patents by Jerrold J. Rogers

Page Office Number Title Inventors Company Filing date Grant date
Patent US 4288738A US 4288738A Dual-mode amplifier Jerrold J. Rogers John Durecka Tektronix Inc 1980-04-03 1981-09-08
Patent US 4529928A US 4529928A Automatic control circuit for a current translating device Jerrold J. Rogers Judd L. Sirotiak Tektronix Inc 1983-05-20 1985-07-16
Patent US 4551732A US 4551732A Method and apparatus for modulating the recording rate of an image on the recording media of a line scan graphic recorder with the velocity of the recording media Jerrold J. Rogers Tektronix Inc 1983-06-20 1985-11-05
Patent US 4533861A US 4533861A Stepping motor drive circuit Jerrold J. Rogers Joseph S. Trumps Tektronix Inc 1983-10-13 1985-08-06
Patent US 4560989A US 4560989A Method and apparatus for accelerating the recording rate of a CRT graphic recorder Pierre Radochonski John M. Kniffin Joern B. Eriksen Jerrold J. Rogers William W. Gellatly Tektronix Inc 1984-04-23 1985-12-24
Patent US 4603288A US 4603288A Dual regulated power supply Jerrold J. Rogers Tektronix Inc 1984-11-19 1986-07-29
Patent US 4564849A US 4564849A Compensation circuit for synchronizing image motion with a movable recording medium Jerrold J. Rogers Judd L. Sirotiak Tektronix Inc 1985-02-22 1986-01-14