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The Motorola 68020 is a 32-bit microprocessor monolithic integrated circuit based on the Motorola 68000 architecture, introduced in 1984.

Unlike the earlier 68000-family CPUs, the 68020 has 32-bit internal and external data and address buses and a 32-bit ALU. It was produced with clock speed ratings from 12 MHz to 33 MHz.

Compared to the predecessors, the 68020 adds extra instructions and additional addressing modes, pipelining, a 256-byte direct-mapped instruction cache, and support for non-aligned memory accesses. It also features an asynchronous coprocessor interface supporting up to eight coprocessors, such as floating point units (MC68881 or MC68882) or a paged memory management unit (MC68851).

The lower-cost 68EC020 version has a 24-bit external address bus.


Used in

Some instruments using part Motorola 68020

Instrument Manufacturer Class Model Description Introduced
4224 Tektronix Terminal 4224 16" or 19" Color graphics terminal 1988
4225 Tektronix Terminal 4225 16" or 19" Color graphics terminal 1988
4325 Tektronix Terminal 4325 16" or 19" Color graphics workstation 1988

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