Oscilloscope probes

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Tektronix made Oscilloscope probes in a number of standardized mechanical dimensions so that accessories like tips or hooks could be interchanged.

The standards include

From an electrical perspective, probes can be classified into passive and active probes, and further categorized into these categories.

Probes embody the fight against the adage "garbage in - garbage out" like nothing else associated with the use of oscilloscopes. For that purpose, Tektronix has been publishing "ABCs of Probes" for decades as a standard publication. It has been updated many times, adding newer models and deleting obsolete ones. Especially for Classic Tek lovers, the older versions (see list below, especially the 1990 version) are still valuable or even preferable. Unfortunately, some of the more recent versions contain typesetting errors, see the "Errors" in the list below.

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