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Tektronix P410
10× passive probe
P400 series catalog excerpt from 1957

Compatible with 1 MΩ scope inputs

Produced from 1955 to (?)

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The Tektronix P410 is a 10× passive voltage probe. Maximum voltage is 600 V peak-to-peak. It connects to the scope with a UHF connector.

The "P400 Series" (not to be confused with the modern P400 probe) also includes P405 (5x), P420 (20x), P450 (50x), P450-L (50x extra low capacitance), and P4100 (100x).

These probes were introduced in 1955 along with the Type 541 and Type 545 scopes because at 30 MHz, the P510A's 50 Ω coax cable exhibited unacceptable ringing due to the impedance mismatch at the scope's 1 MΩ input.

The P400 uses a special cable with a very thin, high-resistance center conductor which creates a better impedance match. All subsequent high-impedance probes use this kind of cable.


Patents that may apply to P410

Page Title Inventors Filing date Grant date Links
Patent US 2883619A Electrical probe John Kobbe Bill Polits 1956-02-29 1959-04-21


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