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John Kobbe, 1959

John R. Kobbe (? – ?) joined Tektronix in 1951 to work in the test department.

Having had no formal engineering education, Kobbe co-initiated a "scope class" to design and build an oscilloscope in the test department, during which he designed an un-blanking circuit and a simplified sweep circuit that were eventually used in the 300 series.

Kobbe then joined the Engineering department and later the Advanced Research group.

Products and Inventions

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and Doug Ford, The Secret World of Oscilloscope Probes

Products by John Kobbe

Model Class Description Designers Introduced
315 Oscilloscope "Portable" tube scope Frank Hood Dick Ropiequet John Kobbe Ted Goodfellow Jim Morrow 1952
310 Oscilloscope 4 MHz oscilloscope Frank Hood John Kobbe 1955
570 Curve Tracer Curve tracer for tubes John Kobbe 1955
575 Curve Tracer Transistor Curve Tracer John Kobbe 1957

Components by John Kobbe

Model Class Description Designers Used in
T54 CRT CRT John Kobbe 541 545
T581 CRT CRT John Kobbe 581 585
T5810 CRT CRT John Kobbe 581A 585A

Patents by John Kobbe

Page Office Number Title Inventors Company Filing date Grant date
Patent US 2804571A US 2804571A Unblanking circuit for cathode ray tubes John Kobbe Tektronix Inc 1953-04-20 1957-08-27
Patent US 2791642A US 2791642A Phase inversion circuit John Kobbe Tektronix Inc 1953-07-06 1957-05-07
Patent US 2853609A US 2853609A Multivibrator hold off circuit Dick Ropiequet John Kobbe Tektronix Inc 1955-02-21 1958-09-23
Patent US 2930986A US 2930986A Distributed amplifier John Kobbe Bill Polits Tektronix Inc 1956-02-29 1960-03-29
Patent US 2883619A US 2883619A Electrical probe John Kobbe Bill Polits Tektronix Inc 1956-02-29 1959-04-21
Patent US 3061788A US 3061788A Multivibrator hold-off circuit John Kobbe Tektronix Inc 1958-09-17 1962-10-30
Patent US 3122652A US 3122652A Time base generator John Kobbe Oz Svehaug Tektronix Inc 1960-12-21 1964-02-25
Patent US 3185887A US 3185887A Deflection amplifier compensation linearizer circuit John Kobbe Tektronix Inc 1961-03-20 1965-05-25
Patent US 3168679A US 3168679A Intensity control compensation circuit for use in a cathode ray oscilloscope John Kobbe Tektronix Inc 1961-05-08 1965-02-02
Patent US 3219801A US 3219801A Pulse counter John Kobbe Sam McCutcheon Tektronix Inc 1961-08-25 1965-11-23
Patent US 3248655A US 3248655A Ratchet memory circuit and sampling system employing such circuit John Kobbe Cliff Moulton John V Rogers Norm Winningstad Tektronix Inc 1962-05-07 1966-04-26
Patent US 3168656A US 3168656A Transmission line circuit having termination impedance which includes emitter junction of transistor John Kobbe Tektronix Inc 1962-06-18 1965-02-02
Patent US 3247462A US 3247462A Balanced paraphase amplifier including a feed forward path John Kobbe Tektronix Inc 1963-08-19 1966-04-19