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The Tektronix P6135A is a differential probe pair matched to minimize differences in impedance and signal delay, to maintain CMRR up to 20,000:1 when used with differential amplifiers such as the 7A13, 7A22 or 11A33.

Key Specifications

Scope Impedance Compensation Range P6135 1 MΩ//13-17 pF
Scope Impedance Compensation Range P6135A 1 MΩ//13-17 pF (red tip), 1 MΩ//18-22 pF (black tip) and 1 MΩ//45-49 pF (blue tip)
Attenuation Adjustable to ×10
CMRR 10,000:1 on 11A33, 20,000:1 on 7A13
Max. input ±500 V Maximum Common Mode Voltage