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Tektronix P6055
10× probe for differential applications
Tektronix P6055

Compatible with 1 MΩ scope inputs

Produced from 1971 to (?)


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The Tektronix P6055 is a 10× probe pair for differential amplifiers such as e.g. the 7A13 having 1 MΩ Inputs and 20 to 47 pF input capacity. The probe's resistive attenuation ratio is adjustable to an exact ×10 for the given amplifier input. This allows precise gain matching to improve CMRR.

Tektronix also recommended the P6055 for the 7D12/M2 sample/hold, because of the trimming feature improving the accuracy of voltage readings.

The P6055 has a readout pin.


Compensation Range 1 MΩ//12-47 pF
Attenuation Adjustable to ×10
Input Impedance 1 MΩ / 10-12.5 pF
Step Response < 4ns
CMRR with 7A13 or 1A5 20,000:1 from DC - 1kHz, 100:1 at 20 MHz
Max. input ±500 V Maximum Common Mode Voltage