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Tektronix P6202
500 MHz Active FET Probe
Tektronix P6202

Compatible with 50 Ω scope inputs

Produced from 1976 to (?)


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The Tektronix P6202 is a 500 MHz active 10× FET probe with 50 Ω output impedance, introduced in 1976.

The 6202 has its own mains power supply, the 6202A (1980) has a LEMO S-series connector fitting the 7000-series scopes' probe power outlets.

Key Specifications

Bandwidth DC to 500 MHz (16 Hz lower limit with additional AC coupling tip)
Rise time < 0.7 ns
Attenuation 10 : 1 (100 : 1 with additional 10× attenuator tip, 010-0384-00)
Input impedance 10 MΩ // 2 pF with or without additional 10× attenuator tip, +2 pF for AC coupling tip
Input range ± 6 V (± 60 V with additional 10× attenuator tip)
DC offset ± 55 V (± 200 V with additional 10× attenuator tip)
Max input ± 200 V (nondestructive)
Cable length 2 m (6.5')


Documents Referencing P6202

Document Class Title Authors Year Links
Tekscope 1976 V8 N2.pdf Article A New Low-cost 500 MHz Probe Ron Lang 1976


An initial 8 MΩ : 2 MΩ divider drives a dual JFET (source follower + current source), a PNP emitter follower and finally an NPN emitter follower as a cable driver. These stages use SMD components located in the probe tip. The probe control box at the end of the coax only contains a ±7 V regulator, a switchable 50 Ω terminator, and the offset potentiometers that supply ±15 V to the bottom of the input divider. There is no input protection apart from the divider.





Rise time of a P6202 500 MHz FET probe measured on a 7S12 plugin in a 7844 mainframe (with 25 ps S-52 pulse generator head and 25 ps S-4 sampling head). Measured rise time ~440 ps observed on this specimen is equivalent to 795 MHz bandwidth.