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Picosecond Pulse Laboratories was founded in 1980 by Jim Andrews in Boulder, CO, after he left the National Bureau of Standards (now NIST).

PSPL made high-speed pulse generators and component

The company later created a team in Beaverton, OR, including former senior research engineers from Tektronix and TriQuint Semiconductor.

PSPL was acquired by Tektronix (when?).


People affiliated with Picosecond Pulse Labs

Name Birth date Death date Countries Affiliations
Agoston Agoston Romania USA Oregon State University University of Oregon Tektronix Picosecond Pulse Labs Hyperlabs
Jim Andrews USA Picosecond Pulse Labs

Products by Picosecond Pulse Labs

Model Class Series Description Introduced Discontinued
Picosecond Pulse Labs S-1430D Plug-in 7000 and 3S series sampling heads 26 ps / 17 GHz sampling head 1983 (?)