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Polarad Corporation , founded by P.H.Odessey and D.L.Jaffe in 1945 and incorporated in 1949, made Spectrum Analyzers, other RF test equipment, and military RF devices.

The founders of Pentrix (later acquired by Tektronix) worked at Polarad before founding their own company.


People affiliated with Polarad

Name Birth date Death date Countries Affiliations
Arnie Frisch 2019-12-12 USA Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute Polarad Pentrix Tektronix Intel
Larry Weiss 1932-02-06 2018-08-02 Polarad Pentrix Tektronix Zygo Industries
Morris Engelson 1935 City College of New York Polarad Pentrix Tektronix

Products by Polarad

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