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Preamble Instruments was founded by Bruce Hofer.

According to John Addis,

Preamble Instruments was a small start-up eventually employing 28 people. Products included the 1820, 1822, 1850, 1855, 1820A, 1822A, 1850A and 1855A differential amplifiers and several active and passive differential probes. (The 1800 series A versions had μP-controlled operation designed by Stan Sasaki and oven heater that only ran with power on). The 1850, 1850A, 1855, 1855A (introduced in 1996) used input circuitry based on the M377. The design used all discrete circuitry and therefore could not quite match the 11A33 for thermals, but its 16 V overload and common mode dynamic range, true differential calibrated offset, along with 10 MHz, 1 MHz, and 100 kHz bandwidth-limit filters made it very popular. LeCroy Corporation bought Preamble Instruments in October 1997. [...] LeCroy is now known as TELEDYNE LECROY.


People affiliated with Preamble Instruments

Name Birth date Death date Countries Affiliations
Bruce Hofer 1948 Oregon State University Tektronix Audio Precision Preamble Instruments
John Addis USA MIT Tektronix Preamble Instruments

Products by Preamble Instruments

Model Class Series Description Introduced Discontinued
Preamble DA1855 Amplifier 100 MHz differential amplifier (?) (?)