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Richard C. Cabot (? – ?) was at Tektronix from 1978 to 1984.

With Bruce Hofer, Bob Metzler and Bob Wright, he co-founded Audio Precision in 1984.

He holds B.S., M.Eng. and Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering and M.S. in Mechanics from Rensselaer Polytechnic, and an MBA from Pepperdine University.


Documents Authored by Richard Cabot

Products by Richard Cabot

Model Class Description Designers Introduced
AA501 Plug-in audio analyzer Bruce Hofer Rush Hood Richard Cabot Fred Armentrout 1980
SG5010 Plug-in audio signal generator Bruce Hofer Bob Metzler Richard Cabot Bob Wright 1984

Components by Richard Cabot

Patents by Richard Cabot

Page Office Number Title Inventors Company Filing date Grant date
Patent US 4302738A US 4302738A Noise rejection circuitry for a frequency discriminator Richard Cabot Bruce Hofer Tektronix Inc 1980-04-11 1981-11-24
Patent US 4344029A US 4344029A Automatic IM distortion test selector Richard Cabot Bruce Hofer Tektronix Inc 1981-05-11 1982-08-10
Patent US 4560950A US 4560950A Method and circuit for phase lock loop initialization Richard Cabot Tektronix Inc 1983-09-29 1985-12-24
Patent US 4560957A US 4560957A Oscillator fine tune circuit Richard Cabot Tektronix Inc 1983-09-29 1985-12-24
Patent US 4546270A US 4546270A Sample and hold droop compensation circuit Richard Cabot Tektronix Inc 1983-09-29 1985-10-08
Patent US 4631522A US 4631522A Method and circuit for compensation of a multiplying digital-to-analog converter Richard Cabot Audio Precision 1985-04-12 1986-12-23
Patent US 5089981A US 5089981A Hybrid form digital filter Richard Cabot Audio Precision 1989-04-24 1992-02-18
Patent US 5247458A US 5247458A Method and apparatus for testing a digital system for the occurrence of errors Richard Cabot Audio Precision 1990-09-11 1993-09-21
Patent US 5136267A US 5136267A Tunable bandpass filter system and filtering method Richard Cabot Audio Precision 1990-12-26 1992-08-04
Patent US 5265201A US 5265201A Master-slave processor human interface system Richard Cabot Robert G. Wright Carl A. Hovey Audio Precision 1992-08-24 1993-11-23
Patent US 5420516A US 5420516A Method and apparatus for fast response and distortion measurement Richard Cabot Audio Precision 1993-07-23 1995-05-30
Patent US 5995914A US 5995914A Method and apparatus for asynchronously measuring frequency shifted signals Richard Cabot Richard Cabot 1996-01-19 1999-11-30
Patent US 7692686B1 US 7692686B1 Method and apparatus for coding format autodetection testing Richard Cabot XFRM Inc 2006-02-21 2010-04-06
Patent US 2008170726A1 US 20080170726A1 Intelligent solo-mute switching Richard Cabot Richard Cabot 2007-01-11 2008-07-17
Patent US 8214200B2 US 8214200B2 Fast MDCT (modified discrete cosine transform) approximation of a windowed sinusoid Richard Cabot Matthew S. Ashman XFRM Inc 2007-03-14 2012-07-03
Patent US 9363603B1 US 9363603B1 Surround audio dialog balance assessment Richard Cabot XFRM Inc 2013-02-26 2016-06-07
Patent US 9485601B1 US 9485601B1 Surround audio compatibility assessment Richard Cabot Matthew S. Ashman XFRM Inc 2014-04-14 2016-11-01