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Tektronix SD-46
optical-to-electrical converter
Tektronix SD-46

Compatible with 11800-series scopes

Produced from 1989 to (?)

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The Tektronix SD-46 is an optical / electrical converter head for 11800-series mainframes.

Signal input is through an FC/PC connector, electrical output through a 3.5 mm connector for connecting to the input of an SD-24 or SD-26 sampling head installed in the slot immediately to the left of the SD-46, using a semi-rigid link cable originally included with the converter.

The SD-46 includes an average optical power monitor function with DC output provided through a pair of 2 mm jacks. The monitor has two ranges, 1 V/mW and 1 V/mW (calibrated at 1300 nm for single-mode fibers) enabling mean optical input powers from 5 nW to 5 mW to be measured.

Key Specifications

Bandwidth 20 GHz
Rise time 28.5 ps
Optical wavelength 1200-1650 nm (calibrated at 1300±20 nm)
Conversion factor 35 mW/V (29 mV/mW)

Sister model SD-42 is similar with a 6.5 GHz bandwidth.