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The Tektronix TDS684 is a 1 GHz, 5 GS/s quad-channel digital storage scope.

The TDS684A was introduced in 1995, the TDS684B in 1996, and TDS684C in 1998-1999 (?)


     — Acquisition
Sampling rate 5 GS/s on each channel simultaneously
Analog bandwidth 1 GHz at 10 mV/div and above, 750 MHz at 5 mV/div, 600 MHz at 2 mV/div, 500 MHz at 1 mV/div
Inputs 4 Channels
Resolution 8 bit
Record length 15K samples per channel
Modes sample, envelope, average
     — Misc
Display Color; Zoom
Trigger modes Edge, logic, pulse; Video trigger with option 05 (NTSC, SECAM, PAL, HDTV, and FlexFormat)
Storage 1.44 Mbyte, 3.5 inch, DOS 3.3-or-later floppy disk. NVRAM storage for saving waveforms, hardcopies, and setups.
I/O Full GPIB programmability
Hardcopy output using GPIB, RS-232, or Centronics ports



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