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Matt talks at 18.12.2018

T503RS Info is found only in Peter Keller CRT Book. Tek RM561 Manual called this Type T503R (Which type is also T5031) Q: should we seperate T5031 Info out of T5032 Site ? Both is very similar, possible minor difference. I think, we should integrating T5031 into T5032-site, same with T5610 into T5611-Site.

(Site note: T5032 is again successor for T5610 and is finally replaced by T5611. This fact know i now after reading of 6-7 paper manuals. But why is old type T5032 again successor for T5610, relaible or production problems?)

On December 18th, 2018, Kurt says:

I will try to find out whether there is a difference between the T5032 and T5610.

Matt talks

T5610 & T5611 is ceramic CRT, the frist tek CRT with ceramic envelope.
T5032 & T5031 is glass CRT, a older construction.
But all  type is full interchangeably and exist  in both variant of graticule (no or internal)

On December 18th, 2018, Kurt says:

Yep. An expert told me the same thing: "The T5032 had a glass envelope and the T5610 was ceramic."

matt wrote at 19.12.2018

I have writing article about T5032 and T5031. Both type has minor difference. I know only one difference: only T5032 has internal graticule, but T5032 with option without internal graticule exists.

Pleas check my lyric, thanks.

If it is alright good, that could here be deleting.

matt wrote at 23.12.2018

I have thinking right: old T5032 is again successor of ceramic type T5610