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The Tektronix T5031 aka T503R is a Tek-made CRT used in the 561 and 567 scopes. It was the first Tek-made CRT with a rectangular faceplate.

The Tektronix T5032 is a successor with a minor difference – it was the first Tek-made CRT with internal graticule, totally eliminating parallax errors, and allowing for better edge illumination. This type is used in the 561, 567 and 568 oscilloscopes.

Ssuccessors of the T5032 are the T5610 (T561) and T5611 that had a ceramic envelope.


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Part numbers

Part No Name Phosphor Graticule
154-0319-00 (154-319) T5031-1 (T503R P1) P1 phosphor
154-0320-00 (154-320) T5031-2 (T503R P2) P2 phosphor (standard)
154-0321-00 (154-321) T5031-7 (T503R P7) P7 phosphor
154-0322-00 (154-322) T5031-11 (T503R P11) P11 phosphor
154-0355-00 (154-355) T5031-31 (T503R P31) P31 phosphor
154-0372-00 (154-372) T5032-1 P1 phosphor external
154-0373-00 (154-373) T5032-2 P2 phosphor (standard) external
154-0374-00 (154-374) T5032-7 P7 phosphor external
154-0375-00 (154-375) T5032-11 P11 phosphor external
154-0376-00 (154-376) T5032-31 P31 phosphor external
154-0377-00 (154-377) T5032-32 P32 phosphor external
154-0449-00 (154-449) T5032-31-1 P31 phosphor (standard) internal
154-0454-00 (154-454) T5032-2-1 P2 phosphor (standard) internal
154-0455-00 (154-455) T5032-7-1 P7 phosphor internal
154-0456-00 (154-456) T5032-11-1 P11 phosphor internal