Telequipment D755

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Telequipment D755
50 MHz scope
Telequipment D755 with V4 and S2C plug-ins

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The Telequipment D755 opt 66 is a 50 MHz scope. It is a government version of the Telequipment D75 with the addition of an XY-mode.

The D755 takes two plug-ins that are also compatible with D83, D75, D63 and DM63. Vertical plugins include the V4 dual trace amplifiers, the V3 single channel differential amplifier, the V1 single channel amplifier, and the V5 single channel amplifier with delay line. Timebase plugins include the S1 single timebase and S2C dual timebase. The preinstalled plugins in the D755 are the V4 dual trace amplifiers and the S2C dual timebase. Calibration fixtures include the 067-0672-00 plug-in for the vertical slot and the 067-0673-00 plug-in for the horizontal slot.

Key Specifications

Bandwidth DC to 50 MHz (−3 dB), AC cutoff 2 Hz
Rise time 7 ns
Deflection 5 mV/div to 20 V/div in 12 calibrated steps (1−2−5)
Timebase A 2 s/div to 100 ns/div in 23 calibrated steps (1−2−5 )
Timebase B 1 s/div to 100 ns/div in 22 calibrated steps (1−2−5 )
Trigger Modes Timebase A Auto, DC, AC, HF Reject
Trigger Modes Timebase B Auto, AC
Trigger Sources CH1, CH2, Alternate
Input Voltage max. 400 V DC + AC peak
Input Impedance 1 MΩ // 29 pF
Operating Modes CH1, CH2, CH1/CH2 Alt, Chopped, CH1 and CH2 added, CH2 inverted , X/Y-mode
Sweep Modes A only, A intensified by B, B delayed by A, A and B mixed, delayed B variable or triggered, repetitive or single shot
Delay Time 10 µs to 20 s
Calibrator ~1 kHz, 30 mV and 300 mV, 3 mA, square wave, ±1% voltage and current, ±20% frequency
CRT 154-0676-10 tube, P31 phosphor, 15 kV acceleration, 8 cm × 10 cm graticule
Power 100 V − 125 V in 5V steps, 200 V − 250 V in 10 V steps, selected via primary voltage selector, 40 Hz to 400 Hz, 85 VA
Dimensions and Weight 136 mm × 380 mm × 470 mm (H×W×D), 11.4 kg


According to this posting, the CRT is a 154-0676-10 Tektronix CRT, the same as in the 465.