Telequipment S31

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Telequipment S31
Low-cost service scope
Telequipment S31.jpg

Produced from 1958 to (?)

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The Telequipment S31 is a low-cost service scope introduced in 1958.

Key Specifications

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The CRT is a 3WP1/DG7-36. Other tubes include an EZ81 rectifier and 9 ECF80.



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Some Parts Used in the Telequipment S31

Page Class Description Used in
3WP CRT series of flat-faced 3" mono-accelerator CRTs 315 310 360 Telequipment S31
6BL8 Vacuum Tube (Triode/Pentode) triode-pentode combo 503 504 516 549 Telequipment D52 Telequipment S31 Telequipment S32 Telequipment S32A Telequipment S51 Telequipment S52
6CA4 Vacuum Tube (Dual Rectifier) dual rectifier Telequipment S31 Telequipment S32