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Anthony E. Sprando (? – ?)

From The History and Environment of Tektronix:

Bill Walker approached Tony Sprando in spring 1966 and hired him because of an urgent need for new switches and relays for the 7000 series.

Patents by Tony Sprando

Page Office Number Title Inventors Company Filing date Grant date
Patent US 3519966A US 3519966A Electrical relay Tony Sprando Richard L Sollars Tektronix Inc 1967-01-23 1970-07-07
Patent US 3562464A US 3562464A Cam actuated switch having movable and fixed contacts on circuit board Howard Vollum Willem H Verhoef Tony Sprando Tektronix Inc 1968-10-07 1971-02-09
Patent US 3584174A US 3584174A Push-button switch apparatus having cam actuated switch contacts and selective illumination means Tony Sprando Peter S Winkelmann Tektronix Inc 1969-06-09 1971-06-08
Patent US 3719788A US 3719788A Switch having ganged contacts mounted on opposite sides of circuit board Ken Holland Tony Sprando Tektronix Inc 1971-02-04 1973-03-06
Patent US 3906416A US 3906416A Electrical relay Tony Sprando Tony Sprando 1973-11-12 1975-09-16
Patent US 4347548A US 4347548A Electrical relay Tony Sprando Tony Sprando 1981-02-27 1982-08-31