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The С1-122 (Cyrillic; latin transliteration S1-122) is a general-purpose 100 MHz non-storage, large screen scope made by the Soviet Research and Development Institute of Radio Measuring Instruments in Vilnius (present-day Lithuania). It takes one horizontal and two vertical plug-ins.

It is similar to the Tektronix 7603 though with a number of significant differences:

  • it is noticeably larger
  • the channel switching controls are electronic, not mechanical, and contain indicator LEDs
  • the calibrator has different output voltages and frequencies
  • there are no rear-panel connections for sweep gate or Z axis
  • the probe power connectors are a Soviet type
  • there is a mercury-column type hours counter on the rear

The readout is different from its predecessors, the С1-91 and С1-115. Instead of their vector-type character generator, it uses a dot matrix format.

The example in the photographs is labelled in German, but ones labelled in Russian also exist.

Key Specifications

Bandwidth 100 MHz
Vertical modes Left / Alt / Add / Chop / Right
Trigger Source Left / Vert Mode / Right
Outputs Probe power
Line Voltage 220 V
Power Max. 350 W
Calibrator 0.03 V, 0.3 V, 3 V at 1 kHz, 1 V at 1 MHz