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Vilnius Research 2К11
Calibration plugin
2К11 front panel

Compatible with Soviet 7000-series clones

Produced from (?) to (?)

(All manuals in PDF format unless noted otherwise)
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The 2К11 is a calibration plugin for Soviet 7000-series clones. It has the following operating modes:

  • step response
  • gain
  • power supply load test
  • readout test

The 'Y' button enables the step response mode. This generates an approx. 700 kHz rectangular wave with a fast (<1 ns) edge, either falling or rising as selected by the +/- button. This enables the rise time of the mainframe to be tested. The variable amplitude control can be used to align the waveform with the graticule's rise time markers.

The 'Eich.' button enables the gain test. The output of the plugin is then a 500 Hz squarewave which should be exactly 6 divisions high with the variable control in the 'cal' (fully anticlockwise) position.

The 'Belast.' button enables internal load resistors on the power supply rails.

The 'Zeichen' button runs the readout test which cycles through all 64 available readout characters at approximately 1-second intervals.

Sockets are provided on the front panel for measuring the positive and negative 5 V, 15 V and 48 V supplies.

The fast rise pulse generator uses 1И305А and 1И308В tunnel diodes.

The example in the photos is labelled in German. A version labelled in Russian also exists.

Key Specifications