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Sony/Tektronix 390AD
15 MHz, 10-bit digitizer
Tektronix 390AD

Produced from 1983 to (?)

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The Sony/Tektronix 390AD is a digitizer with a 15 MHz bandwidth and a GPIB interface, released in the early 1980s.


It can digitize two channels at up to 30 MS/s or one channel at up to 60 MS/s, at 10 bits of voltage resolution.

Dynamic accuracy is 8.5 bits up to 1 MHz and 7.5 bits up to 10 MHz. The memory is 4096 samples, which can be used for digitizing a single waveform or for two waveforms at 2048 samples each.

The 390AD has a "Rate Switching" feature where it starts an acquisition at one sample rate, and then switches to a second sample rate. The 390AD can be set to trigger from either of the two vertical signals or from an external trigger signal.

The signals acquired on a 390AD can be exported via GPIB or displayed on an external CRT (Tek 624 is recommended) in X-Y mode.



  • $14,530 in 1983 (~$39,800 in 2021 dollars)



Some Parts Used in the 390AD

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