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Nicolet Nicolet Instrument Corporation operated between 1966 and 1992 in Madison, Wisconsin.

They designed, manufactured, and sold spectrometers, computers, digital oscilloscopes and biomedical equipment.

NIC was bought out by Thermo Scientific in 1992.


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Nicolet was a Tektronix OEM customer as some of their earlier instruments included Tektronix oscilloscopes, typically 5000-series, for monitoring. They also made some Tek-compatible plug-ins:

Products by Nicolet

Model Class Series Description Introduced Discontinued
Nicolet 526 Digital 5000-series scopes Signal averager 1976 (?)
Nicolet 527 Digital 5000-series scopes Signal averager (?) (?)

Later, Nicolet competed with Tektronix in the area of digital storage oscilloscopes.