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LC 130, SN 101-5000 and 5001-Up

The Tektronix Type 130 is a self-contained instrument that measures inductance and capacitance. The 130 makes an LC oscillator using the device under test and a capacitor or inductor internal to the 130. That oscillator's frequency is measured by mixing it down using a fixed reference frequency, generating a pulse at each zero-crossing, and integrating (low-pass filtering) the pulse train. This produces a voltage that is proportional to the frequency difference between the LC oscillator and the reference oscillator. This voltage is displayed on a d'Arsonval (moving coil) meter on the front panel of the 130.

The Type 130 was designed by Cliff Moulton.

There are at least two versions of Type 130. Early units (SN 101-5000) have a narrow boxy case that slides off the chassis, brown paint, backlit meter, and are marked "TYPE 130 L,C METER". Later units (SN 5001-Up)have a wider rounded case with side panels that pop off, blue paint, non-backlit meter, and are marked "TYPE 130 L-C METER".


Ranges 3, 10, 30, 100 or 300 pF / 3, 10, 30, 100 or 300 μH full scale
Accuracy 3% FS, 1% FS with "careful" calibration using S-30 Delta Standard
Measurement voltage <1 V for capacitors, <0.25 V for inductors, 120-140 kHz
Guard output 250 Ω source impedance, can drive 200 pF
DUT connection UHF connector (DUT) + 4 mm jack (guard)




130 External

130 Internal