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Tektronix 570
Curve tracer for tubes
Tektronix 570 front

Produced from 1955 to (?)

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The Tektronix 570 was Tek's first curve tracer. It is a curve tracer for tubes, introduced in 1955. It sweeps the plate voltage between zero and a selectable maximum voltage while "stepping" the control grid through a set of voltages.

A selectable screen voltage is available for testing tubes with screens. The plate voltage is measured and applied to the X-axis of the display. Plate current is measured and amplified and is applied to the Y-axis of the display.

Key Specifications

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The 570 contains five transformers:

  • T310: center-tapped isolation transformer for plate sweep
  • T340: multitap transformer for heater voltages
  • T401: multitap autotransformer for selecting peak plate voltage, feeds T310
  • T501: transformer for floating supplies and screen voltage supply
  • T620: transformer for 60 kHz HV power oscillator for CRT voltages

The screen supply is regulated and uses a 6CD6GA tube as the series regulator.

The vertical and horizontal amplifiers are almost identical. The first stage is a differential amplifier made of two 6AU6 tubes. The second stage is a differential amplifier made of both halves of a 6BQ7A.

A T52P1 CRT is standard in the 570.


Early Tektronix 570 (Brown Era)

Tektronix 570 Serial Number 5010

Tektronix 570 Serial Number 5055

Tektronix 570 Serial Number 5148

Tektronix 570 Serial Number 5429

Adaptors for Different Tube Bases