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Cliff Moulton, 1959

Clifford H. Moulton (b. April 4, 1927 – d. July 7, 2008) was a Tektronix engineer from April 2, 1951 to 1962 and 1981 to July 24, 1993.

Since he left Tek between 1962 and 1981, his total length of service was about 23 years.

Cliff was a ham radio operator (call W7MFW) and was known, among other things, for riding his unicycle down the halls of Building 81.



Products by Cliff Moulton

Model Class Description Designers Introduced
524 Oscilloscope TV waveform monitoring scope Cliff Moulton 1953
130 LC Meter L/C Meter Cliff Moulton 1959
519 Oscilloscope 1 GHz tube scope Cliff Moulton 1961
3S76 Plug-in Dual Channel Sampling plug-in Cliff Moulton Ron Olson Charlie Rhodes Walt Lowy Phil Crosby 1962
3T77 Plug-in Sampling sweep plug-in Bob Webb Jim Geddes Cliff Moulton 1962

Components by Cliff Moulton

Model Class Description Designers Used in
T5191 CRT 1 GHz CRT Cliff Moulton 519

Patents by Cliff Moulton

Page Office Number Title Inventors Company Filing date Grant date
Patent US 2752527A US 2752527A Method of magnifying waveforms on a cathode-ray tube and circuit therefor Dick Ropiequet Cliff Moulton Tektronix Inc 1953-08-18 1956-06-26
Patent US 2922074A US 2922074A Electron beam deflection structure Cliff Moulton Tektronix Inc 1956-09-17 1960-01-19
Patent US 3105945A US 3105945A Signal energy take off device Sam McCutcheon Norm Winningstad Cliff Moulton Tektronix Inc 1960-11-07 1963-10-01
Patent US 3174070A US 3174070A Electron beam deflection structure with compensation for beam transit time Cliff Moulton Tektronix Inc 1961-08-14 1965-03-16
Patent US 3248655A US 3248655A Ratchet memory circuit and sampling system employing such circuit John Kobbe Cliff Moulton John V Rogers Norm Winningstad Tektronix Inc 1962-05-07 1966-04-26
Patent US 4916415A US 4916415A Balanced, impedance matched, coupling device Cliff Moulton Val Garuts Tektronix Inc 1989-01-17 1990-04-10
Patent US 4980654A US 4980654A Transmission line transformer Cliff Moulton Tektronix Inc 1990-04-06 1990-12-25
Patent US 5121090A US 5121090A Balun providing dual balanced outputs Val Garuts Cliff Moulton Tektronix Inc 1990-04-09 1992-06-09