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The Tektronix T5470  (P/N 154-0429-00, 154-0450-00, 154-0451-00, 154-0452-00, 154-0457-00, 154-0458-00, 154-0459-00, 154-0478-00, 154-0478-01, 154-0478-02, 154-0478-03, 154-0568-00, 154-0568-01, 154-0568-02, 154-0568-03) is a 5" electrostatic deflection CRT used in the 543B, 544, 545B, 546, and 547.

It was designed by Connie Wilson.

It has an aluminized round flat face with 6 cm of usable vertical scan, and a helical post-accelerator. The entire envelope of 154-0478-xx is made of glass. The newer T5471 (154-0568-xx) has a ceramic envelope.

The T5470 has a specified dot size of 0.004", quite a bit tighter than the dot on higher-bandwidth CRTs that use an expansion mesh.

The 519 has a very different CRT, but the same specified dot size as the 154-0478-00.

Part numbers

Part No Name Phosphor
154-0429-00 T5740-31-1(?) P31 phosphor
154-0450-00 T5740-2-1(?) P2 phosphor
154-0451-00 T5740-7-1(?) P7 phosphor
154-0452-00 T5740-11-1(?) P11 phosphor
154-0457-00 T5740-2(?) P2 phosphor
154-0458-00 T5740-7(?) P7 phosphor
154-0459-00 T5740-11(?) P11 phosphor
154-0478-00 T5470-31-2 P31 phosphor (standard)
154-0478-01 T5470-2-2 P2 phosphor
154-0478-02 T5470-7-2 P7 phosphor
154-0478-03 T5470-11-2 P11 phosphor
154-0568-00 T5471-31-2 P31 phosphor (standard)
154-0568-01 T5471-2-2 P2 phosphor
154-0568-02 T5471-7-2 P7 phosphor
154-0568-03 T5471-11-2 P11 phosphor