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The Tektronix Type 544 is a 50 MHz scope introduced in 1964.

It has one timebase with several horizontal magnifier modes (×2, ×5, ×10, ×20, ×50, and ×100). To make horizontal magnification usable, the 544 has a vernier horizontal position control in addition to the regular horizontal position control. The fastest calibrated sweep is 10 ns/div. Some magnification modes provide sweeps faster than 10 ns/div, but in those modes the horizontal scale is not calibrated, and a lamp on the front panel lights up to remind the operator of that.

The 544 (at least the early ones) uses the same tunnel diode triggering circuit as is used in early 547 (tunnel diode in the collector load of a PNP differential amplifier).

There is also a rackmount version, the RM544.

A factory modification, MOD 108G, was available that increased the accelerating voltage to 24 kV. The 1968 catalog lists an RM544 Mod 720 which has a direct-access plug-in and has 1 ns risetime (equiv. 350 MHz).

The vertical amplifier and low voltage power supply of the 544 are the same as those of the 546 and 547. The 544 uses the 154-0478-00 CRT which is also used by the 543B, 545B, 546, and 547.

The project lead for the development of the Tektronix 544, 546, and 547 was Bob Rullman.


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