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Connie Wilson

Connie Wilson (? in Portland, OR – d. July 23, 1986) joined the Gun Fabrication group of Tek's CRT Production in June 1957.

In the early 1950s, she had planned to get a biology degree at Portland State College and work as a laboratory technician. She lived at home and worked nights and weekends to pay for her education. But just as she was about to finish up, her parents moved to Missouri. With no place to live, Connie quit school and went to work. After working other jobs for a couple of years, in 1957 she landed a job at Tektronix’ CRT Production’s Gun Fabrication group.

Having no engineering degree nor even a bachelor's degree, she went on to become project leader of the group responsible for designing CRTs and in the process designed the CRT for the Type 540 series of oscilloscopes and for the Type 556 dual-beam oscilloscope.

In 1964, Connie helped design the Type 545-B and 547 oscilloscopes that became industry standards.

According to TekTalk Fall 1966, she

[...] assisted in the design of the T5032 tube for the 561A oscilloscope.

The T5033 tube for the 506 was the first tube she designed as a junior engineer.

As an engineer, she designed the T5470 CRT for the 540 series, the T5290 for the 529 television waveform monitor and the T5560 for the 556 dual-beam oscilloscope.

Connie left Tektronix in 1974 to coach volleyball at Clackamas Community College and run a trailer park she had bought.


Products by Connie Wilson

Components by Connie Wilson

Model Class Description Designers Used in
154-0677-xx CRT CRT Connie Wilson Gary Nelson 475 475A
T4650 CRT CRT Connie Wilson Gary Nelson 465 Telequipment D75 Telequipment D755
T5032 CRT 5" rectangular-faceplate CRT Connie Wilson 561 567
T5033 CRT 5" CRT Connie Wilson 561S 506
T5290 CRT CRT Connie Wilson 529 RM529
T5470 CRT 5" electrostatic deflection CRT Connie Wilson 543B 544 545B 546 547
T5560 CRT dual-beam CRT Connie Wilson 556

Patents by Connie Wilson