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The Tektronix 154-0644-xx  (P/N 154-0644-00,154-0644-04,154-0644-05,154-0644-09) is a CRT with distributed deflection plates for instruments specified up to 500 MHz. Suffix -05 has green P-31 phosphor, suffix -09 has blue P-11 phosphor.

A domed scan-expansion mesh between the deflection plate structure and the accelerating anode provides both isolation and a two-times deflection magnification.

Typical acceleration voltage is 24 kV (−3 kV on cathode, +21 kV on post-acceleration anode).

As used in the 7904, the 154-0644-05 CRT has a deflection factor of 3 V/div and an impedance of 385  Ω.

Håkan H. said:

There were four revisions of 154-0644-0x, -00, -04, -05 and -09.

Only -00 (<B040600) and -05 (replacement for -00 and used from B040600) were used in 7704A.

The other two were used by 7854 and 790x series opt 78 i.e P11 phosphor. For some reason 7704A opt 78 used another CRT.

If the CRT was replaced on 7704A below B221300, a Part Replacement kit (050-1732-01) was required. It contained the -05 CRT and two resistors (one for 7704A and one for 7904/R7903) used to reduce the heater voltage to extend CRT life.

Kit instructions here: Media:050-1732-01.pdf

Used in

Some instruments using part 154-0644-00

Instrument Manufacturer Class Model Description Introduced
7704A Tektronix Oscilloscope 7704A 200 MHz non-storage mainframe 1972
7854 Tektronix Oscilloscope 7854 400 MHz waveform-processing scope 1980
7904 Tektronix Oscilloscope 7904 500 MHz non-storage mainframe 1971
R7903 Tektronix Oscilloscope R7903 500 MHz non-storage mainframe 1974