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155-0080 circuit from 7623 manual

The Tektronix 155-0080-00 (M125) is a Tek-made vertical output amplifier hybrid integrated circuit in a stud-mounted can.

It is used as the vertical output stage in 100 MHz-class 76xx scopes and contains three cascoded differential gain stages, two of which use the "ft doubler" circuit invented by Carl Battjes.

The 155-0080-00 consists of the main amplifier IC with 14 transistors, plus two D058 output transistors, all attached to the same ceramic substrate.

Used in

  • 7603 / R7603 (U450)
  • 7613 / R7613 (U450)
  • 7623 (U450, in non-A version only − the 7623A uses a discrete vertical amplifier like the 7633's)