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Tektronix 7633
100 MHz multi-mode storage mainframe
Tektronix 7633 with 7A13, 7A15A, 7B53A

Produced from 1974 to 1990

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The Tektronix 7633 is a 100 MHz, multi-mode storage mainframe that accepts two 7000-series vertical plug-ins and one 7000-series horizontal plug-in. There is also a rack-mount version, the R7633.

The 7633 is essentially a 7623 with a reduced-scan mode added to boost stored writing speeds.

After the 7633 and 7934 were discontinued in 1990, the 7623B (which added the reduced-scan mode to the 7623 and therefore had essentially the same specs and features as the 7633) was the last analog storage scope model in the 7000 series, available until the entire 7000 family was discontinued in 1992.


Bandwidth 100 MHz
Fastest cal. sweep 5 ns/Div
Display modes store, non-store, save
Storage modes fast variable-persistence, variable-persistence, fast bistable, bistable
Scan modes normal scan, reduced-scan mode for increased writing speed
Stored writing speed
Mode Reduced Scan Full Scan
fast var persist 2222 Div/μs 150 Div/μs
fast bistable 400 Div/μs 50 Div/μs
var persist 3 Div/μs 0.5 Div/μs
bistable 0.2 Div/μs 0.03 Div/μs
CRT 8 × 10 divisions @ 0.9 cm, Tek T7630 (154-0721-00) transfer storage tube, P31 phosphor
Acceleration voltage 8.5 kV (10 kV in the reduced scan mode)
  • digital readout
  • calibrator, 1 kHz square wave, 40 mV, 400 mV and 4 V
  • camera connector, external Z-axis input
Power. max. 190 W
Weight 13.6 kg (30 lb)


The 7633 uses a Transfer storage CRT which includes an internal, fast-responding storage mesh. In fast mode, the time base is inhibited after a sweep, and the transfer cycle is started. Individual sweeps therefore occur in about one-second intervals.

The 7633, like the other 76xx models, has a linear supply which does not provide +5 V for lights (A9) without modification.


Year 1974 1980 1990
Catalog price $3,650 $5,615 $10,500
2015 value $17,380 $15,990 $18,860