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Carl Battjes

Carl Robert Battjes (b. 30 December 1929 – d. 28 April 2007) was a Tektronix engineer.

Battjes had designed a 300 MHz transistor amplifier at Sylvania before he joined Tektronix in 1961 to work on high-speed amplifiers.

In 1971 he left the portable oscilloscope group and joined the IC design group within Tektronix.

Tek Products

Products by Carl Battjes

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Components by Carl Battjes

Model Class Description Designers Used in
155-0175-00 Monolithic integrated circuit broadband amplifier John Addis Wink Gross Carl Battjes 7904A 7912HB 7934 7104 R7103 7A29 7A29P 7F10 067-0587-02 067-0587-10 11A71 SCD1000 EG&G N-AM-173A
155-0207-00 Monolithic integrated circuit vertical low-power 50 MHz vertical output amplifier Carl Battjes 5223
M116 Monolithic integrated circuit vertical and horizontal output amplifier Carl Battjes

Patents by Carl Battjes

Page Office Number Title Inventors Company Filing date Grant date
Patent US 3633120A US 3633120A Amplifier circuit Carl Battjes Tektronix Inc 1970-09-16 1972-01-04
Patent US 3868580A US 3868580A Bootstrapped amplifier Carl Battjes Tektronix Inc 1973-02-12 1975-02-25
Patent US 4039899A US 4039899A Geometry and focus correction circuit Carl Battjes Harvey Leon Golladay Michael Rieger Binoy Rosario Ken Schlotzhauer Tektronix Inc 1976-05-03 1977-08-02
Patent US 4236119A US 4236119A Monolithic wideband amplifier Carl Battjes Tektronix Inc 1978-09-11 1980-11-25


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