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Tektronix 2431L
300 MHz, 250 MS/s 2-ch digital scope
Tektronix 2431L

Produced from 1990 to (?)

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The Tektronix 2431L is a two-channel 300 MHz digital sampling oscilloscope from the early 1990s. The maximum sample rate is 250 Ms/s per channel.

The 2431L is a lower-cost version of the 2432A, with the following differences:

  • No delayed sweep
  • No glitch capture
  • Limited auto setup
  • No rear panel connections except GPIB

Key Specifications

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CRTs used in the 2431L

Page Part nos Description Designers Used in
154-0850-01 154-0850-00 154-0850-01 CRT 2430 2430A 2431L 2432 2439 2440 2445 2465 2465A 2465B

Custom ICs used in the 2431L

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