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Tektronix 262
Programmer for 6R1 and 6R1A
Tek 262 Front

Produced from 1963 to 1972

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The Tektronix 262 is a programmer for the Tektronix 6R1 and 6R1A digital plug-ins for the 567 sampling oscilloscope or the 261 relay box, or the S-311, S-300, or S-301 plug-ins.

It connects via a cable to J34 on the 6R1 or 6R1A. Small printed circuit boards called program cards fit into slots in a bus inside the 262. Each of these cards specifies one measurement. These program cards are configurable by the user.

The 262 has slots for up to eight program cards. They are activated one at a time, either manually by pressing program selection switches on the front panel of the 262, or by having the 262 execute the measurements automatically in sequence, or the measurements can be activated remotely when the 262 is slaved to another 262.

The 262 was discontinued after 1971.