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Tektronix 4909
Multi-User File System
4909 Mass Storage

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The Tektronix 4909 Multi-User File System is a sharable mass storage system with a GPIB interface, intended for the 4050-series computers.

The 4909 is based on a controller that provides advanced file management between up to ten desktop computers and large capacity hard-disk drives. Flexible file management and a multiple-level library structure provides multiple file access levels, indexed (keyed) file support, directly addressable bytes within records, expandable records and files, and enhanced data storage and retrieval. Options include additional disk drives for expanded capacity.

4051 computers require the 4051R10 ROM pack and 4052/4054 computers require the 4052R10 ROM pack to connect to the 4909.

4909 Features:

  • Shared Access up to 10 Users
  • Public and Private File Workspaces for Operational Flexibility/File Protection
  • 32 or 96 MB Hard Drive Capacity
  • Expandable up to 8 Hard drives (768 MB)
  • Indexed and Dynamically Allocated Files
  • Variable Length Records
  • Concatenated Volumes
  • English Command Operation Over High-Speed GPIB
  • Real Time Clock with Battery Backup
  • File Names up to 100 Characters Long
  • Multiple Level Library Names