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The Tektronix 4907 "File Manager" is a GPIB-compatible mass storage device for the 4051/4052 computer series (with File Manager ROM pack 020-0279-00).

The 4907 was available with one, two or three 8" double density single-sided floppy drives that require hard-sectored diskettes and provide up to 630,000 byte capacity per disc.

It uses Shugart SA800/SA801 drives with line-voltage synchronous AC drive motors, meaning that a unit configured for 60 Hz line voltage requires changing the pulley and belt in the disc drives to run on 50 Hz, and vice versa.


  • Option 30 - Two drives
  • Option 31 - Three drives
  • 4907F32 field update kit adds a third drive to a 4907 Opt.30