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Tektronix 5110
2 MHz mainframe
Tektronix 5110

Produced from 1976 to 1991

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The Tektronix 5110 is a 5000-series three-bay mainframe.

Earlier incarnations of it were known as 5103N and D10. It has a large 8×10 division CRT screen where each division is 0.5 in (12.7 mm) instead of the standard 1 cm per division.


It is specified to have a 2 MHz bandwidth with a 5A18N vertical plug-in.

The phase difference between X and Y channels is specified to be less than 1 degree at 100 kHz.

P31 phosphor was standard. P7 and P11 were optional. CRT acceleration voltage is 3,500 V. There is no post-deflection acceleration.



1990: $2,420 ($5,070 in 2021 dollars)


This oscilloscope contains three main boards. Interface Board, Power Supply (LV) and High Voltage/Deflection Board. The Interface board is behind the plug-in Bays and contains basic trace/circuit to collect the signals from the Plug-ins. Single Beam Aux Board - used to combine vertical signals from both Vertical plug-ins - is mounted behind the Interface board in a slot. Optional "Signals out board" is also mounted behind the interface board - used to buffer output signals to the Co-Ax connectors behind the chassis. HV Deflection board contains the Vertical and Horizontal stages driving CRT, Unblanking and CRT HV Circuit. LV Power supply board mounted at the bottom provides regulated +30, -30, +5 and unregulated +38, -38, +200. CRT heater is powered from main transformer.