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Tektronix 7M13
Readout Unit
7M13 front panel

Compatible with 7000-series scopes

Produced from 1974 to 1985


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The Tektronix 7M13 is a "Readout Unit" that allows the user to enter text into the scope's readout system for that module slot. It is intended to include identifying text and picture numbers for photographic documentation.

A built-in camera counter displays a pre-settable count in the second (lower) readout channel, which can be advanced manually by push-button or automatically by the camera shutter. The only editing function provided is to overwrite the character just entered (by holding the MODIFY button). To correct other errors, one needs to erase the display field.

Key Specifications

Character positions 2 fields (top, bottom) of 10 characters each
Camera counter 0-99, lower field only; ground contact closure input

Internals and Repair Issues

The 7M13 is relatively simple and robust electrically (consisting mostly of 74xx TTL logic), however, due to the number of switches, there can be electromechanical problems. For example, a 7M13 may appear unresponsive if the camera counter "(P)RESET" button is not fully released.

The 7M13 uses four 7489 TTL 16×4 RAMs to store the characters entered, and four 155-0038-01 Tek-made D/A converter chips to drive the analog row/column readout lines. One RAM and D/A each are assigned to row and column readout signals in each channel, and are addressed by a counter synchronized to the readout time slot pulses. In other words, characters are not stored in ASCII bytes but in row/column pairs matching the readout system's character set. The keyboard is arranged in a matching matrix of double-contact (DPST) keys that generate the row/column coordinates through 74147 priority encoders.



Year 1974 1976 1980 1984
Catalog price $375 $425 $600 $1,075
2015 value $1,800 $1,760 $1,720 $2,440


Custom ICs used in the 7M13

Page Class Manufacturer Model Part nos Description Designers Used in
155-0038-01 Monolithic integrated circuit Tektronix 155-0038-01 155-0038-00 155-0038-01 5-bit current source D/A converter Barrie Gilbert 7A42 7D13 7D14 7M13 T4005