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Robert Gordon White (? – ?)

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Products by Bob White

Model Class Description Designers Introduced
485 Oscilloscope 350 MHz portable scope John Addis Wink Gross Gene Andrews Glenn Bateman Ron Peltola Bob Firth Murlan Kaufman Bob White Keith Taylor Dick Troberg 1972
7844 Oscilloscope 400 MHz dual-beam non-storage mainframe Murlan Kaufman Chuck Scott Dick Anderson Keith Taylor Bob White 1974

Components by Bob White

Patents by Bob White

Page Office Number Title Inventors Company Filing date Grant date
Patent US 3150247A US 3150247A Coaxial connector and switch combination Bob White Tektronix Inc 1962-04-26 1964-09-22
Patent US 3283248A US 3283248A Electrical probe containing a capacitor and a switch assembly for selectively short circuiting such capacitor Bob White Tektronix Inc 1962-09-24 1966-11-01
Patent US 3207861A US 3207861A Dual switch assembly including two switches operated independently by a common driveshaft Bob White Tektronix Inc 1963-06-20 1965-09-21
Patent US 3900853A US 3900853A Stylus actuator Bob White Tektronix Inc 1974-05-06 1975-08-19