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Notes From John Addis

Building maps changed over the years, leading to more than one building having a given name.

A June 4, 1963 color map shows the following building numbers and locations that conflict with the later building numbers:

  • Building 76 is the Portland Field Office
  • Building 91 is Purchasing and Professional Placement on 2nd between Washington and Hall (then Rt. 217)
  • Building 92 is Photography and Films in the Cedar Hills shopping center
  • Building 93 is Credit Union, NE corner of Watson and 1st St
  • Building 94 is probably an employment building near the NE corner of 114th Ave and Canyon Rd.
  • Building 95 is Employment the SE corner of 1st and Main
  • Building 97 is Educational Training and Personnel Services NE corner of Canyon Rd and Mill St
  • Building 98 is Employee Relations SW corner of Main St and 1st

In the 1950s and 1960s,

  • Tektronix had the phone number MI(tchell) 4-0161
  • Tekronix Sunset was CY(press) 2-2611
  • Employment was MI 4-0146

Y probably stands for “Yearout”. I suspect that all Y buildings are near each other, implying Griffith Drive, Beaverton

Names of several of these buildings come from pp 183-198 of the November 1979 Comm. Directory.

I attempt to give coordinates for the “center of mass” of the building rather than the entrance.

Doug Taylor has questioned the coordinates of 08.

Heerenveen’s location thanks to Ahne Oosterhof and Gerrit deVries:

  • Heerenveen Building #1: (1962 Main building, Production, Offices, and Engineering), entrance at: (52.937238, 5.95085)
  • Heerenveen Building #3: (1966 Warehouse, Metalshop, loading dock, Electrochem, Incoming Inspection): (52.9366, 5.9495)
  • Heerenveen Building #4: (1970 Production): (52.9374, 5.9501)

Thanks to Gerrit deVries for Guernsey buildings:

  • Building 1 (La Villiaze 1, Manufactuing 1963)
  • Building 2 (La Villiaze 2, European Marketing Center)

Many of the original buildings are identified on a November 1975 map, property of Murlan Kaufman, and checked against a Google Earth map of July, 1990. Others are from my map in the November 1979 Tektronix Phone Directory.

Tekweek of Jan 18, 1974 contains the schedule of a shuttle bus listing some buildings by name not found elsewhere, notably “Lehman” and “Cedar Hills”. There were two shuttle buses running in opposite directions with the same twenty stops. A complete cycle took one hour.

GWD=Graphics Workstation Division

As of September 2019, some of the buildings are no longer there (45, 46, 47, 48) and the coordinates appear to be for an empty lot. Other buildings have been replaced, e.g., 81. Building 59 is now owned by Maxim. Several others (e.g., Y3, Y4, Y6, Y8, 53, 54) were just used temporarily and Tek just rented the property.