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Fairchild Semiconductor (→ WikiData) was a US semiconductor company, headquartered in San Jose, California.

In September 2016, Fairchild was acquired by ON Semiconductor.

People affiliated with Fairchild

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Components made by Fairchild

Part Tek Part Number(s) Class Description Used in
2N4249 151-0342-00 Discrete component PNP Si low noise amp. DC501 DC502 DC503 DC503A DC504 DC504A DC505 DC505A DC508 DC508A DC509 DC510
Fairchild 3814 156-0306-00 Monolithic integrated circuit 4½ digit dual-slope DVM controller 7A13 7L13 7L18 DM501
Fairchild 9960 156-0001-00 Monolithic integrated circuit nixie decoder/driver X381 230
Fairchild uL923 156-0012-00 Monolithic integrated circuit RTL J-K Flip-flop 067-0572-01