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Tektronix DC505A
225 MHz counter/timer
Tektronix DC505A

Produced from 1976 to 1981

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The Tektronix DC505A is a 225 MHz counter/timer plug-in for the TM500 system.

The predecessor of the DC505A was the DC505.

Key Specifications

Frequency range 0 Hz (DC coupled) / 10 Hz (AC coupled) to 225 MHz
Sensitivity 50 mVRMS to 150 MHz, 100 mVRMS to 225 MHz (sine)
Resolution 7 digits max.
Gate time 0.01 s to 10 s in decade steps
Stability Standard: 1×10−5; Opt.1: 5×10−7 (0°C to +50°C, after 30 min warm-up)
Long-term drift Standard: 1×10−5 per month; Opt.1: 5×10−7 per month
  • Two input channels (BNC connectors)
  • Functions: Frequency, frequency ratio, period, interval, pulse width, events
  • Trigger level monitor output
  • Opt.1: 5 MHz TCXO (with ÷5 divider)
  • Opt.4: Decimal point output on rear interface (for use with 153 interface)


Documents Referencing DC505A

Document Class Title Authors Year Links
070-2088-00.pdf Book TM500 Series Rear Interface Data Book 1975
070-2088-01.pdf Book TM500 Series Rear Interface Data Book 1976
Tekscope 1977 V9 N1.pdf Article Counter and Oscilloscope Combination Makes Difficult Measurements Emory Harry 1977
070-2088-04.pdf Book TM500 Series Rear Interface Data Book 1985

Rear Interface

Connector Pin Signal Connector Pin Signal
27B DP5 (Opt.4 only) 27A Internal Scan Clock Disable
26B Manual Start-Stop 26A /RESET
25B Internal Scan Clock Out 25A Time Slot Zero
24B Internal Scan Clock Out
23B Overflow
22A Trig Level Out
21B BCD output 2
20B BCD output 8 20A BCD output 4
19B Data Good 19A BCD output 1
18B DP4 (Opt.4 only)
17B Ch B Input 17A Ch A GND
16B Ch B GND 16A Ch A Input
15B DP3 (Opt.4 only) 15A DP1 (Opt.4 only)
14B DP2 (Opt.4 only) 14A Ext Clock Input / 1 MHz Out

Data is output serially by digit.

The rear interface inputs are selected by pulling out the LEVEL knob.


The manual warns that if multiple 505As with serial numbers B010630 and above are installed in low-power compartments of a TM500 mainframe, the mainframe needs to be modified to allow for the extra current draw. The required modifications are described in the DC505A manual.

An internal VCO, phase-locked to the 1 MHz master, produces a 100 MHz input to the counter chain for timing measurements.

The DC505A uses a mix of ECL and TTL dividers and logic, and a Mostek MK5007 four-decade counter/latch/multiplexer (U700). Unlike the similarly-specified 7D15, it employs no Tek made custom ICs. The first counter decade is implemented as a divide-by-2 ECL flip-flop (U350, MC1670) followed by a five-stage ring counter made with MC10131 ECL flipflops, and some logic to BCD-encode the count result. A similar circuit exists in the reference divider chain.

In the power supply, the +5 V section, controlled by a 723, uses the mainframe's NPN pass transistor and includes a zener/SCR crowbar circuit. A discrete regulator using the PNP pass transistor produces - V from the -33 V rail.



Some Parts Used in the DC505A

Part Part Number(s) Class Description Used in
2N4249 151-0342-00 Discrete component PNP Si low noise amp. DC501 DC502 DC503 DC503A DC504 DC504A DC505 DC505A DC508 DC508A DC509 DC510
Mostek MK5007 156-0409-00 Monolithic integrated circuit four-decade BCD counter with latches and output multiplexer 213 DC505 DC505A