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James R. Peterson (? – ?) designed the SDI chip that is used in 11000-series mainframes.

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Products by Jim Peterson

Components by Jim Peterson

Model Class Description Designers Used in
156-2622-00 Monolithic integrated circuit Serial Data Interface controller Jim Peterson 11000-series scopes 11402 11402A 11403 CSA404

Patents by Jim Peterson

Page Office Number Title Inventors Company Filing date Grant date
Patent US 4386367A US 4386367A System and method for converting a non-interlaced video signal into an interlaced video signal Jim Peterson Douglas J. Doornink Tektronix Inc 1981-06-26 1983-05-31
Patent US 4625202A US 4625202A Apparatus and method for generating multiple cursors in a raster scan display system Scott C. Richmond Jim Peterson Tektronix Inc 1983-04-08 1986-11-25