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Lawrence Gerald Biggs (? – ?) designed the 1A2. He also worked on the 556.

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Products by Larry Biggs

Model Class Description Designers Introduced
V Plug-in Video plug-in Larry Biggs Ron Olson Phil Crosby (not released)
1A2 Plug-in 50 MHz dual channel amplifier Larry Biggs 1964
556 Oscilloscope 50 MHz dual beam scope Phil Crosby Larry Biggs Ron Olson Arend Kastelein 1966

Components by Larry Biggs

Patents by Larry Biggs

Page Office Number Title Inventors Company Filing date Grant date
Patent US 3988634A US 3988634A Controlled storage level for a storage cathode-ray tube Dan Denham Larry Biggs Tektronix Inc 1974-11-06 1976-10-26
Patent US 4540997A US 4540997A Method and apparatus for avoiding the drying of ink in the ink jets of ink jet printers Larry Biggs Pierre Radochonski Tektronix Inc 1984-03-26 1985-09-10