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Dan Franklin Denham (? – ?) worked in the Display Group in the 1960s and was involved with the development of the 611.

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Products by Dan Denham

Model Class Description Designers Introduced
611 Oscilloscope 11" CRT storage monitor Norm Winningstad Dan Denham Carlo Infante Stu McNaughton Walt Lowy Leo Heineck 1967

Components by Dan Denham

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Patents by Dan Denham

Page Office Number Title Inventors Company Filing date Grant date
Patent US 3988634A US 3988634A Controlled storage level for a storage cathode-ray tube Dan Denham Larry Biggs Tektronix Inc 1974-11-06 1976-10-26
Patent US 4309720A US 4309720A Apparatus and method for producing an image on a sensitized surface Dan Denham Tektronix Inc 1980-01-15 1982-01-05
Patent US 4456853A US 4456853A Feedback CRT for use in a closed-loop correction system Ronald C. Robinder David J. Bates Dan Denham Tektronix Inc 1981-07-06 1984-06-26