Lavoie LA-265A

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Lavoie LA-265A
33 MHz oscilloscope
Lavoie LA265A with Lavoie LA-265-CA Plug-in

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The Lavoie LA-265A is a 33 MHz scope that takes letter-series and 1-series plug-ins. It is an unauthorized clone of a Tektronix 545A made for a defense contract by Lavoie Laboratories.

It has two timebases, which allows delayed triggering.

Key Specifications

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Electrical difference to 545

The high-voltage circuit is not identical to that of the Tektronix 545A. Neon lamps are used to stabilize the high voltage in brightness circuit. However, the neon lamp stabilizer is often faulty - the lamps aged too fast, with the result that the trace flickers.

Mechanical difference to 545

The mains transformer is potted. Unlike Tektronix instruments of the same era, which require silver-bearing solder, ordinary solder is fine for working on the Lavoie, because its terminal strips have tin-plated steel inserts.