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Tektronix Type B
20 MHz amplifier plug-in
Tektronix Type B

Compatible with 500-series scopes

Produced from 1959 to 1971


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The Tektronix Type B is a plug-in for 500-series scopes.

It is identical to Type A, with the addition of a ×10-gain AC amplifier which can be switched in to extend the vertical sensitivity from 50 mV/div to 5 mV/div.

Like Type A, Type B has its roots in the 1954 introduction of the 531 and 535, as the five-tube Type 53B, with 1x bandwidth of DC to 10MHz (limited by the mainframe) and 10x-AC bandwidth of 2 Hz to 9 MHz.

In 1956, at serial number 3301, it was replaced by the six-tube Type 53/54B with DC−20 MHz or 2 Hz−12 MHz bandwidth in the 541 and 545.

In 1959, Type 53/54B was renamed Type B, and it remained available through 1970.

The military version is known as the AM-1841/USM, which is the same as a 53/54B MOD601.

K, L, and T are tied for longest production life, at 16 years. B, D, and G are next at 15 years.

Lavoie Laboratories produced an unauthorized clone, the Lavoie LA-265-B.


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Type B


Some Parts Used in the B

Page Class Description Used in
12AT7 Vacuum Tube (Double Triode) dual high-gain triode 180 315 360 502 502A 512 513 513D 514 514AD 514D 524D 529 RM529 544 546 547 556 3A2 1M1 A B C G H K L M K R S Z
12AU6 Vacuum Tube (Pentode) RF pentode 112 512 556 575 545 549 581 585 A B C G K H L M O R S Z
5654 Vacuum Tube (Pentode) RF pentode B L
6AK5 Vacuum Tube (Pentode) RF pentode B C CA G K L S Z 517
6DJ8 Vacuum Tube (Double Triode) dual triode 132 502 502A 503 504 515 516 519 529 RM529 533 535 543 544 545 545A 545B 546 547 549 555 556 565 581 581A 585 585A 661 2A60 2A63 3A8 1121 1A4 67 81 82 86 3B1 3B4 1S1 B O W Z Telequipment S32A Telequipment D52 Telequipment S52 Telequipment S51 Telequipment Type A