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The Tektronix Type B is a plug-in for 500-series scopes.

It is identical to Type A, with the addition of a ×10-gain AC amplifier which can be switched in to extend the vertical sensitivity from 50 mV/div to 5 mV/div.

Like Type A, Type B has its roots in the 1954 introduction of the 531 and 535, as the five-tube Type 53B, with 1x bandwidth of DC to 10MHz (limited by the mainframe) and 10x-AC bandwidth of 2 Hz to 9 MHz.

In 1956, at serial number 3301, it was replaced by the six-tube Type 53/54B with DC−20 MHz or 2 Hz−12 MHz bandwidth in the 541 and 545.

In 1959, Type 53/54B was renamed Type B, and it remained available through 1970.

The military version is known as the AM-1841/USM, which is the same as a 53/54B MOD601.

K, L, and T are tied for longest production life, at 16 years. B, D, and G are next at 15 years.

Lavoie Laboratories produced an unauthorized clone, the Lavoie LA-265-B.


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