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Older Tektronix equipment uses a number of different types of power line sockets:

Twist Lock

Seen one on a 549 and a 067-0596-00. 180 Time Mark Generator also had this type of connector.So do some Tek 650 series color monitor. Matching Part (Male) from Hubble is HBL7484. Was this available as an option on some models? This appears to be a Non-NEMA Hubbel Midget twist-lock connector. Catalog page

3 pin Edison (NEMA 5-15) recessed

Tek part 131-0150-00

3 pin Edison (NEMA 5-15) proud

Found on a majority of the 500 series scopes, Tek part 131-0102-00

2 pin (recessed)

Found on older, non-plugin scopes, such as the 514. Pin spacing is standard 1/2". Chassis cutout is 1.25", Chassis mount hole spacing is 1.5" Is the metal ring on the inside of the socket part of the ground connection, as found on some multi-phase twist-lock connectors?